The Big Brother of JAC S5 is Here

This car is the third JAC S5 model in Iran, which will be available to Iranian consumers after the first generation JAC S5 and JAC S5 facelift. As you can see in the pictures, JAC name and emblem have been removed from this car and now we are facing a KMC brand product.

Toyota Made the GR86 Slightly Sportier for 2025

There's also a new Hakone Special Edition version with green paint and bronze wheels.

Red Bull RB17 Hypercar: This Is It

There's 1,200 horsepower and 15,000 rpm to play with in Red Bull's V-10 track-only supercar. It weighs under 1,984 pounds.

Geely debuts new generation battery

Geely at the press conference was keen to emphasize the safety test results of the battery.

What happens next in the EU investigation into Chinese EVs?

The Commission can also carry out an "interim review" after a year has elapsed if the measures are no longer necessary or if they are not sufficient to counteract subsidies.

New Geely Boyue SUV enters market

In terms of appearance, the new Geely Boyue is consistent with the previous model, with a black scale-like front grille and dot-matrix through-type lights.

Chinese Car Innovation Rate Is Kind Of Bonkers

I found Steve Hanley’s article on the new 2024 Global Automotive Outlook from AlixPartners quite fascinating. Granted, we’ve been covering the Chinese electric car industry since it was basically nothing, so there isn’t much in there that’s new for us fanatics. However, nonetheless, having it put all together and a few of the highlight points really got my eyes wider and had me sitting up. So, I just wanted to spend a little more time discussing a couple of these.

Renault Grand Koleos is Geely Monjaro for Korea

Our regular readers know Geely and Renault have had some close ties since 2022. That year, Geely Group acquired a third of Renault Korea’s stake. Later, these companies formed a 50-50 joint venture aimed at developing and producing powertrain systems.